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Unknown BennieFactor
If you want to be extraordinary you want to b. The BennieFactor product line has everything you need from start to finish. b Confident, b Strong, b Tenacious, b Clever.......b More.

BennieFactor B Brilliant Daily Shampoo
A fragrant, luxurious potion that removes oil and increases shine. It's what every shampoo should be: less sham, more 'poo.
BennieFactor B Healthy Daily Conditioner
All hair is born good; however, when it is neglected, some hair has a tendency to misbehave - think of it as a bid for attention or even a cry for help. You can easily prevent such behavior problems with a daily dose of B Healthy.
BennieFactor B Balanced Conditioning Shampoo
Roses are red, Hair can be fuchsia; This 'B' restores balance, And other minutiae.
BennieFactor B Strong Deep Conditioner
Helps prevent hair meltdowns caused by chemical treatments; gently restores natural stength and moisture.
BennieFactor B Clever Dressing Creme
Easy and creative styling for sharp lads and lassies.
BennieFactor B More Building Spray
Nothing exceeds like excess. Who said you can't bottle happiness?
BennieFactor B Ready Lasting Spray
One for the money...two for the show...ever notice how getting ready is the last thing you do before you "go, cat, go?" Same deal here. B Ready's a lasting spray, so use it last. Think of it as your first resort for a lasting spray that you use last.
BennieFactor B Kind Care Spray
Visualize a kindly caretaker with a bottle of B Kind care spray. Now visualize the kindly caretaker spraying your hair to help prevent color fading, and to clear out your kinks and snags. Focus on the fullness of the care spray. Be in this moment. Open yourself to the infinite reservoir of caring that lies within each bottle of B Kind.
BennieFactor B Bold Texturizing Spray
It boldly goes...exactly where you think it would go...on your hair! T.V. sci-fi fans will enjoy using B Bold to send straight locks or ringlets into sub-light orbit around their head, with gravity-defying ease.
BennieFactor B Inspired Creative Spray
It's been said that creative genius can be indistinguishable from madness. Go mad with this creativity-in-a-spray-bottle product we call B Inspired. Unlike in cooking, you can't eat your mistakes...but you can take some pretty funny Polaroids of them.
BennieFactor B Confident Styling Spray
Style is style, change is hard, and dreaming's still free. Those are a few of the immutable facts of our BennieFactor universe. B Confident won't make change any easier, and your dreams could still turn out all David Lynchy, but styling will be a fun, confidence-building experience. Let B Confident turn you into a person about whom there is no question.
BennieFactor B Smooth Straightening Gel
What is it going to take to straighten you out? A little dab'll do ya.

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