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JBeverlyHills JBeverlyHills
Experience the Beverly Hills lifestyle for yourself with products by J Beverly Hills. This line of naturally-based hair products is designed to nourish the hair while also providing the undying beauty and style you would only expect to find in Beverly Hills.

JBeverlyHills FRAGILE color-safe sulfate-free shampoo
Formulated with chamomile, nettle and sage botanical extracts to nourish dry, color/chemically treated, over-stressed hair. This sulfate-free formula utilizes the safest cleansers to protect and prolong treated hair. For best results, follow with Rescue or Masque.
JBeverlyHills ADDBODY volumizing shampoo
Formulated with carrot seed and almond extracts, AddBody utilizes energizing proteins and pro-vitamin B5 to plump up each hair strand. In combination with AddBody Conditioner, this gentle cleansing shampoo is ideal for hair that just needs a lift.
JBeverlyHills ADDBODY volumizing conditioner
Formulated with rosemary and almond botanical extracts. This weightless formula contains proteins and pro-vitamin B5 to plump up each hair strand while conditioning.
JBeverlyHills EVERYDAY moisture infusing shampoo
Formulated with mango and rosemary extracts, this moisture infusing shampoo is ideal for all hair types. This refreshing shampoo cleanses and moisturizes parched hair. For enhanced results, use in synergy with EveryDay Conditioner.
JBeverlyHills EVERYDAY moisture infusing conditioner
Formulated with a blend of proteins, vitamins and mango extracts. This refreshing conditioner provides long lasting moisture balance to all hair types.
JBeverlyHills CLARIFIER detoxifying shampoo
Formulated with eucalyptus extracts to gently rid hair of impurities, including chlorine, mineral deposits and product build-up. Recommended usage: 2-3 times per week. For optimum chemical service results, use prior to service. For an intense treatment, follow by using Masque and finish with Detangle.
JBeverlyHills CONTROL taming shampoo
Formulated with thyme and nettle botanical extracts and conditioning agents. This unique shampoo will subdue and detangle thick coarse to unruly curly hair. Provides control and enhances natural shine. Follow by using Masque.
JBeverlyHills CONTROL taming conditioner
Formulated with lavender, sage and safflower botanical herbal extracts. Fortified with natural conditioners and proteins to control unruly hair and enhance manageability.
JBeverlyHills CRAZY CURL curl defining serum
Formulated with lavender botanical extracts and memory resins. This versatile styling serum encourages curl retention and definition on naturally curly to previously permed hair. Offers enhanced curls for fine hair and control for unruly curly hair. Hold Factor 2.
JBeverlyHills HOLD ME medium hold spray
Medium Hold spray with a hold factor of 2. This environmentally safe formula utilizes natural ingredients and incorporates the latest spray technology. This versatile, lightweight design spray is the ideal finishing product for creating lasting styles without build-up or flaking.
JBeverlyHills LIFT UP volumizing spray foam
This environmentally safe luxurious spray on foam utilizes state-of-the-art resins and dispensing systems to increase lasting volume and fullness for all hair textures. Hold Factor 3.
JBeverlyHills POLISH high gloss wax
Formulated with safflower oil and aloe vera extracts. Polish was designed by taking a classic pomade and incorporating new technology. Adds incredible shine to finish any style. Ideal for medium to coarse hair types.Hold Factor 1.

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